Episode #19 – State of Emergency

We’re back with a double dose of emergency!

As we enter 2016 two American cities find themselves in a State of Emergency. Flint Michigan’s water was found to be contain high levels of lead after a state appointed Emergency Manager switched the water supply from Detroit’s water supply to the contaminated Flint River in a bid to save money.

Methane gas is a powerful greenhouse gas and a mountain in Southern California has been spewing tons of the global warming causing gas into the atmosphere for months. A pipe near the Porter Ranch neighborhood of Los Angeles owned by the SoCal Gas Co. broke 8,000 ft. under the surface and has released over 150 Million lbs of Methane into the atmosphere forcing Jerry Brown to call for a State of Emergency and forcing thousands to evacuate.

Episode #18 – 2015 Year-in-Review: A Year in Devolution

As we close in on 2016 we revisit the topics covered in our previous 17 Episodes to examine our own thoughts on the subject post media coverage. Come with us as we weave our way back through the news stories that, together, tell their own story about our society in the year 2015. Have a very safe and happy holiday season. See you in the new year!!!

Peace, love, and respect to all.

Episode #17 – Daily Fantasy Duel

Recently daily fantasy sports websites have come under fire in multiple states. States like Nevada, New York and a handful of others claim that sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings are nothing more than online casinos. The people who play them disagree, claiming that these sites are providing a service that fills a need and they are not victims of predatory practices. Share your thoughts with us, below.

Daily fantasy sports are banned in New York

Daily fantasy banned in Nevada for being unlicensed gambling

Episode #16 – Behind the Burn: An Interview with a Burning Man Insider

In Episode #16 we sit down with “Danksa,” a Burning Man insider who works year ’round to organize, coordinate and bring together a camping experience like no other! We clear away the dust to illuminate the inner workings of a successful theme camp; what goes on behind the scenes and the impact events like Burning Man have on society. So strap on those goggles and pull on your best tutu, because you’re in for one hell of a journey! Welcome to the Carnival of Mirrors – Burning Man 2015

Episode #15 – Round Robin 2: Big Pharma, Capital Punishment, Naval Superiority

Episode #15 is another ‘Round Robin style conversation, where we discuss Turing Pharmaceuticals. A company that raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill last month, shortly after purchasing the rights from Impax Laboratories. An Oklahoma court granted a stay of execution for Richard Glossip just hours before he was scheduled to die, Wednesday. Oklahoma has a spotted history regarding the Death Penalty. Is it time we rethink Capital Punishment? During the Republican debate we heard several candidates say that they were going to build the greatest military the world’s ever seen. What they don’t tell you is that we already do. Our ships are the most technically advanced in the word, yet the NAVY is asking for 30 more ships. Do we need them? Ferraris, Porches and Diplomatic Immunity.

Company hikes price 5,000% for drug that fights complication of AIDS, cancer

Oklahoma delays Richard Glossip execution amid evidence concerns

Police: Sheik Who Said He Owned Speeding Car Seen In Beverly Hills Appears To Have Left U.S.



Episode #14 – The Shaming Of The Fat

Comedian and YouTube star Nicole Arbour had her video, “Dear Fat People,” removed after a large uproar over the videos message. Everyone will agree that bullying and belittling someone for their size is wrong, but do we ignore or even enable those who are overweight? Why do we feel comfortable telling our friends or even a stranger, smoking will kill them, yet stay silent when the killer is a tasty treat? In Episode #14 we try to answer these questions and more.

Comedian shut down after ‘Dear Fat People’ goes viral

Episode #13 – Dopers, Doping, and Dope

We’re back with another exciting episode of the Material Devolution Podcast. In this episode we explore the world of doping in professional sports. We try and establish different perspectives as we devolve the subject to it’s core. Inspired by Joe Rogan’s latest Podcast with Jeff Novitzky, and a recent article in The Guardian about the effectiveness of Doping Controls and the pitfalls enforcement faces as they try to clean up sports. Should doping be allowed for recovery? Why are some supplements banned while others are considered legal to use? Is there a misconception about those who dope? Where do we go from here?

Joe Rogan Experience #685 – Jeff Novitzky

How cheats cheat: why dopers have the edge in athletics’ war on drugs

Gene Boosts Muscle Strength

Regulation of Muscle Fiber Type and Running Endurance

Episode #12 – Lions & Dentists & Ghosts & Stuff!

A quick chat about a with a name (Cecil) a dentist with some dough (Walter Palmer) an industry under fire, and a mob out for blood. In this week’s episode we track down the truth in people’s outrage over the tragic poaching of Cecil the Lion. Was this lion beloved in Zimbabwe or just another threat of the Safari? Are people really upset with the killing of this creature or the fact that a rich white guy killed it? Then we shift gears completely to tackle a much lighter subject; Ghost write rs in hip-hop. Most people may assume that all rappers write their own lyrics, but this is not the case. Last week top rapper and renowned lyricist, Drake, was said to have solicited the help of a ghost writer to work on his latest single, “R.I.C.O.”

Safari tourist suspected in killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe

Drake Responds to Meek Mill’s Ghostwriter Allegations With Diss Track ‘Charged Up’

Episode #11 – Population In Prison

Last week President Obama became the first sitting President to visit a federal penitentiary. In this week’s edition of the podcast we discuss the current state of our dysfunctional prison system and the many underlying problems it poses for our country.

Meet The Prison Bankers Who Profit From Inmates

How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

For-Profit Prisons: Eight Statistics That Show the Problems

Episode #10 – Dump On Trump

After a short hiatus, we are back to expose the source of all that is Donald Trump, “His Ego.” From his Ivory Tower high above Atlantic City, “The Donald” tells us what we should know, how we should feel, and just how gosh damn rich and smart he is during his famous interview with NBC’s Katy Tur.

Donald Trump: Narcissist in Chief 

Donald Trump Full Unedited Interview with NBC New’s Katy Tur