Episode #29 – Solitary

America’s prison population has seen a four-fold increase since 1973. 1 in every hundred American adults are in prison. The Federal system confines 7.1% of its. 217,000 prisoners.
The U.N. Convention Against Torture has repeatedly condemned the use of solitary confinement in the U.S.

Episode #28 – Year In Review 2016

2016 – Twenty Sixteen: What a crazy year it was! In this episode we take a trip through the year that brought us Brexit, Donald Trump, Zika, the Olympics and much, much more. Join in on the conversation and reminisce about the year that was….2016

Episode #27 – Fake News

In the modern age of technology information flows quickly and freely from person to person, from website to social platform, from news feed to the voting booth. In this episode we’ll take a deeper look at the phenomenon called, “Fake News,” and examine the consequences of sharing these articles without properly researching whether the content is true or not. In a world where everything is fair game and the all mighty dollar reigns supreme, how do we limit the spread and influence of these articles without trampling on independent journalism? Come with us as we discuss this and more!

Watch Samantha Bee Meet ‘Assh-le’ Behind Fake News Websites

Pizzagate: From rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire in D.C.

Pope Francis compares media that spread fake news to people who are excited by feces

Episode #26 – Post Election Conversation with Kevin Mullen

We are back with another episode of The Material Devolution Podcast, and this week we have a real treat for everyone. Our good friend, Kevin Mullen, is in town and sits down with Matt to discuss the lay of the land, post election. Have aliens just landed on Earth? Only a chosen few saw this coming, but where did this come from? Is it as simple as some disgruntled American workers rising up with a big middle finger pointed at the status quo? Or is this movement much more dynamic? Listen in as we discuss all of this and more.. Enjoy!

Episode #25 – 2016 Rio Olympics: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It’s been a little while, but we’re back with an exciting new Material Devolution Podcast. The Rio Olympics is well underway, so we decided to give some attention to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of the event.


Episode #23 – Trump, Donald J How’d We End Up Here

Today we revisit, Donald J. Trump. The presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States. Today we chat about all that is, Mr. Trump. Or is it? Does anyone know who the real Donald Trump is? How did the other candidates blow it so terribly? The real estate mogul turned realty TV star is now one election away from the highest office in the land. We’re scared, are you scared?

Trump win ends talk of contested GOP convention

Episode #22 – Round Robin #3

On this edition of the podcast we tackle a $15.00 an hour minimum wage, the Cuban Embargo, and the rewriting of Nursery Rhymes by the NRA. Yes, it’s another Round Robin Podcast as we try to stay on the lighter side of life this Easter Sunday. Enjoy!


Episode #21 – FBiOS Can The FBI Take a Bite Out of Apple

U.S. Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym of the U.S. District Court’s Central District of California ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock the iPhone once owned by Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the two killers in the San Bernardino attack last December. The FBI has sought help from Apple to in order to get around the iPhone’s authentication safeguard, which disables access after a certain number of incorrect passcodes have been attempted.

Join us as we discuss this profound request and the slippery slope the outcome may take us down.

APPLE – A Message to Our Customers

Why Apple Is Fighting Not To Unlock iPhones For The Government

Apple vs. FBI: A timeline of the iPhone encryption case

Episode #20 – The Good Old College Sports Lie

These are the days of millionaire college football coaches, celebrity players and huge profits being recovered by large universities all across the country. Who’s generating this massive amount of money? Amateur athletes asked not to revel in the profit of it all, but to be grateful for the opportunity to showcase their talent while receiving a free education for their efforts. College athletes are huge revenue generators for their respective institutions. Driving not only ticket sales, but jersey sales, concessions, media time, and any other money making scheme the university can squeeze out of them.

The cost of an education is disproportionate to the money earned and it’s time to rethink the way we compensate these student-athletes.

Come with us as we discuss ways to adequately compensate student-athletes while defending against bribes, corruption and other improprieties along the way.

How Colleges Exploit Athletes

Ex-NCAA stars plan movie about exploiting college athletes

Revenue Sharing: A Simple Cure For The Exploitation Of College Athletes