Episode #20 – The Good Old College Sports Lie

These are the days of millionaire college football coaches, celebrity players and huge profits being recovered by large universities all across the country. Who’s generating this massive amount of money? Amateur athletes asked not to revel in the profit of it all, but to be grateful for the opportunity to showcase their talent while receiving a free education for their efforts. College athletes are huge revenue generators for their respective institutions. Driving not only ticket sales, but jersey sales, concessions, media time, and any other money making scheme the university can squeeze out of them.

The cost of an education is disproportionate to the money earned and it’s time to rethink the way we compensate these student-athletes.

Come with us as we discuss ways to adequately compensate student-athletes while defending against bribes, corruption and other improprieties along the way.


How Colleges Exploit Athletes

Ex-NCAA stars plan movie about exploiting college athletes

Revenue Sharing: A Simple Cure For The Exploitation Of College Athletes