#45 – Healthcare vs. Humancare

In this episode, we explore some of the philosophical and moral questions surrounding privatized healthcare vs. universal healthcare. In a world of rising healthcare costs, and few options for consumers, is it fair to have healthcare tied so tightly to employment? Is healthcare a human right? Does government owe its citizens the basic necessities of life? What should the modern contract between government and citizens consist of? United Healthcare’s new policy will have them retroactively evaluate whether or not care received at an emergency room was actually an emergency. We dissect this new policy during this conversation as well. We hope you enjoy this lively discussion!





#44 – The Abyss

OH Wow!! Come with us on a journey into the absurd! The internet always wins the day, so listen up, and get stuck on this podcast like Gorilla Glue. Maybe chuck some silver to your bro on the other boat, or just say shout your poor understanding of history into the abyss!!!! In this episode we talk about the Gorilla Glue lady, her copycat, Gina Carano’s misstep, and, of course, Tom Brady. Enjoy!!


#43 – Election Insurrection

On January 6th, 2021 the United States capital was attacked by supporters of President Donald John Trump. After months of laying the groundwork, the President’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen boiled over. Scores of his supporter stormed the U.S. Capital building in search of Democratic congressmen and women, leaving death and destruction in their wake. The world watched in awe as capital police officers were assaulted and bludgeoned with flag poles and a fire extinguisher. Five people lost their lives during the attack and the aftermath, Republican leaders have once again shown more loyalty to one man, than the U.S. Constitution. In this episode, we get down and dirty to discuss this tragic event, how we got here and what the future holds for the USA.


#42 – 1st Amendment Auditors

Happy New Year!!! In this episode, we dive headfirst into the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and discuss a growing internet phenomenon called, “auditing.” Maybe you’ve seen one of these videos? They typically go something like this. A person starts filming in a public space or building and waits for a response from those around them or possibly law enforcement. Often times this leads to the situation escalating and one or more people being educated on the legality of filming in public and, more broadly, receiving a lesson on Constitutional Rights. During this episode, we question the motives behind these audits and ask whether or not they achieve the goal of protecting the civil rights of Americans. We also question the tactics deployed in order to better understand if and how these interactions cross the line of normal filming in public into something more suspicious.


#41 – Catching Up

After former Vice President, Joe Biden won the presidential election, the United States of America breathed a huge sigh of relief, but is a return to business as usual in Washington truly what we desire? In this episode, we catch up on the current state of politics in the USA and explore whether a Biden Administration will reanimate the worst of the Obama Administration. Come, sit and join us as we chat it up in Episode 40 of the Material Devolution Podcast.


#40 – Share a Ride, Share Some Love, Share the Wealth

This week we had some technical difficulties which made the recording a bit distorted. We tried our best to clean up the audio in post-production, but issues still exist. This was a great Pod! We discuss how ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft circumvent labor laws and other laws governing the taxi and private car industry. Come have a listen.

#39 – Ammonium Nitrate, USPS, & VEEP

AAAAAHHHHH!!!! With so much going on around the world sometimes it’s hard to care about all the happenings. In this episode, we discuss this phenomenon briefly, then move on to Louis Dejoy and his handicapping of the US Postal service just months before a trove of mail-in voters cast their ballots for President of the USA. We also tackle Kamala Harris and the Beirut fertilizer explosion. Enjoy!


#38 – Round Robin 2020

This week on the show we discuss a wide array of events affecting the United States today. Come with us on a shotgun blast of a ride in episode 38!



#37 – Further Into The Divide

This week we continue our conversation around race in America. Should statues of traitors tower over public squares across the country? Who should go? Who should remain? Many cities are making symbolic changes to street names and painting #BLM murals on streets and buildings. No one asked for these changes. Are they just more window dressing to pacify the people and kick real change down the road once again? Let’s jump Further int the Divide in Episode 37!!



Episode #36 – America: The Experiment

This week we continue our conversation about policing of America and share our thoughts on the most recent events shaping this conversation. Only a day after Juneteenth Donald Trump holds a rally in historically significant, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 46 companies gave workers the day off on the mostly forgotten day of emancipation. Is this a noble commitment to change or simply virtue signalling for more customers? Can a country whose laws were written in part by racist men shake those sentiments and become less racist? Should inmates be exploited for entertainment? All this and more on Episode 36 of The Material Devolution Podcast. “gunviolence9” by thetortmaster is licensed under CC BY 2.0