Episode #8 – Ugly Business Behind the Beautiful Game

On May 27th the U.S. Department of Justice announced a wide-ranging indictment against more than a dozen officials connected to soccer’s reigning body, FIFA. In this edition of the podcast we explore their long-standing issues with corruption in exploiting International soccer tournaments for personal gain.


Everything You Need to Know About FIFA’s Corruption Scandal

Episode #7 – Round Robin #1

In this week’s podcast we take on a “Round Robin” format and discuss a number of topics including reports on Air Quality in Mexico, U.S. Military Business Crimes in Iraq & Afghanistan, Training Requirements for Armed Security, and more…..


NSA program on phone records is illegal, court rules

The air is dark and asthma is deadly along the Mexico border

5 ways the armed-guard industry is out of control

U.S. military personnel have been convicted of $50 million worth of crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

DEA Agents Left College Student in Cell for Five Days, Receive Light Punishments

Episode #6 – 6 Shades Of Gray

The death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland continues a disturbing trend of possible police brutality shielded by bureaucracy.


Freddie Gray dies one week after Baltimore arrest

Episode #5 – Water, Water, none for your Daughter

In the middle of California’s worst drought in forever, food powerhouse Nestle has been taking unknown billions of gallons water from Southern California without permit for the last 30 years. Is this issue that big a deal or just a symptom of a greater problem?


Nestlé’s permit to pump California springwater expired decades ago