#43 – Election Insurrection

On January 6th, 2021 the United States capital was attacked by supporters of President Donald John Trump. After months of laying the groundwork, the President’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen boiled over. Scores of his supporter stormed the U.S. Capital building in search of Democratic congressmen and women, leaving death and destruction in their wake. The world watched in awe as capital police officers were assaulted and bludgeoned with flag poles and a fire extinguisher. Five people lost their lives during the attack and the aftermath, Republican leaders have once again shown more loyalty to one man, than the U.S. Constitution. In this episode, we get down and dirty to discuss this tragic event, how we got here and what the future holds for the USA.


#42 – 1st Amendment Auditors

Happy New Year!!! In this episode, we dive headfirst into the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and discuss a growing internet phenomenon called, “auditing.” Maybe you’ve seen one of these videos? They typically go something like this. A person starts filming in a public space or building and waits for a response from those around them or possibly law enforcement. Often times this leads to the situation escalating and one or more people being educated on the legality of filming in public and, more broadly, receiving a lesson on Constitutional Rights. During this episode, we question the motives behind these audits and ask whether or not they achieve the goal of protecting the civil rights of Americans. We also question the tactics deployed in order to better understand if and how these interactions cross the line of normal filming in public into something more suspicious.