#40 – Share a Ride, Share Some Love, Share the Wealth

This week we had some technical difficulties which made the recording a bit distorted. We tried our best to clean up the audio in post-production, but issues still exist. This was a great Pod! We discuss how ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft circumvent labor laws and other laws governing the taxi and private car industry. Come have a listen.

#39 – Ammonium Nitrate, USPS, & VEEP

AAAAAHHHHH!!!! With so much going on around the world sometimes it’s hard to care about all the happenings. In this episode, we discuss this phenomenon briefly, then move on to Louis Dejoy and his handicapping of the US Postal service just months before a trove of mail-in voters cast their ballots for President of the USA. We also tackle Kamala Harris and the Beirut fertilizer explosion. Enjoy!